Saturday, 13 March 2010

Laughing Boy LIVE COMEDY

Brick Lane

67-77 Hanbury Street

London E1 5JP

United Kingdom

Monday 8th March 2010 The VIBRANT team attended the first "laughing boy" comedy show with a spice of music. And we already hope its the first of many. With an exciting, fresh and ever so talented line up, we had high expectations.

The night started of relaxing with a nice ambient buzz and a mixed crowd of trendy, fashion forward typical brick lane goers mixed with your usual work people, industry people and overall, a really nice mixture of trendy unpretentious people. So the show began with the host Jamie Howard opening..Instantly making the crowd laugh with his homosexual and hetrosexual reffernces and jokes. Totally shinned and showed why he was hosting and that it was in fact his night alongside Arjun Rose!

After introducing first act Jason Patterson, everything was in full swing and jokes and laughs were being exchanged. He made a relationship joke that even tested some of the guys, but making them weary of there counterparts reactions! Classic! And the jamaican jokes were legendery! Truelly an insight of old fashioned caribbean parents!

He got a positive reaction but maybe the crowd was warming up! Not that much histerical laughter but definately had the crowd wanting to hear more. A perfect opening act but would have liked to have seen more crowd ridiculed jokes.. Were not mean, but they always have peoples attentions!

The second act was Joel Dommet. From looking at this guy, I got a great feeling and just knew/ felt as if he was going to have me in sticthes...He made a trendy fashion forward joke which resulted in him taking a lash on a group with big black framed glasses. Very funny! A hitler and a disabled joke... As touchy as both subjects can be, the place was roaring! His approach, delivery, and overall style was epic! He had no care for the audience, other then making them laugh, whilst shocking and ridulculing one or two. A perfect stand up.

The special guests, the VIP's and the regular guests all seemed to be having an awesome time.

Miss Cherri V graced the stage with her vocal abilities, demeanour and beauty and belted out a few songs, including the hit with Willey- "School days" Andher cover of Tinnie Tempa's NO:1 "Pass out" titled "Stilleto" As MTV.CO.UK quoted she is like Janet Jackson if she came from London. Cherri V is a deffinate performer, very talented and a stage diva as she strutted around and owned the stage with her power and soulful voice.

The last comedian was the headliner and one I had been waiting for...... Marlon Davis. (Facebook search him). We've follwed Marlon from his earliest comedy days with "you got jokes" the dvd, and his recent success in winning the FHM jungalist competiton earning him a whopping and tidy £5,000.

He made jokes about being black, Michelle and Barrack Obama, his parents house, Sex and oral sex, but to name a few. He had the place cackalling, laughing hysteriacally and even keeling over with the jokes still fresh in mind! It was a closing act/ headliner that was well thought through, well anticipated and all around well appreciated. By the atmosphere and the noise, everyone was clearly enjoying this.

We heard laughs and out bursts from the VIP area too so we know he hit home and catered to all. Guests such as Sarah jane, Twin b, Sadie ama, Shola ama, Scorcher, Cherry v, Ayak, Jaref, to name a few, were all in the building.

Written by Fabian Jones.

Photography on the night by VIBRANT CORPORATION

Fabpix photography

Amarjae Fashion Photography

AMC photography


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