Thursday, 25 February 2010

Day one continued

The last fashion show that we could make it to was a new designer named Danny Tang. This was at 4:15pm in the Freemasons hall Covent garden.

At this show I wasn't as pumped up for, i hadn't heard of or seen any of Tangs collection and didn't think anything could top the experience and the collection of the BodyAmr show. The show was titled Urban Victorian so i expected to see old mixed with new... Victorian style but a little more conservative, big dresses, and lots of hats.

After being allowed entrance the show didn't take much longer to be underway.
I also noticed that Hillary Alexander weren't in front row nor at the show so i didnt have as high expectations as i did in the previous shows. Also, the front row seemed to majorly filled with students and bloggers. I never noticed any true fashion-ista's or key people and celebs.

I think the models were lacking something in terms of their look. Some didn't look like they enjoyed the experience, didn't make the clothes look great. But non the less I was enjoying this show.

I’m also not sure how Danny Tang managed to get onto the same schedule as David Koma, Gemma Slack and Louise Amstrup among others. The colour scheme was red and black and the fabrics used included a glittery snake print denim (that appeared in cropped suits and on dresses), netting, ribbon, fishnet (only on the legs) sparkly/ shinny lace which was on the model’s faces and clothes, crochet and chiffon. One dress had a combination of what appeared to be every material!

After show comments

''A remake of the naughties,
quite tacky, unfinished look
which made them look tacky/ unfinished.''

''Didn't like shoes, the layering
nor the models- quite a poor
choice in models''.

''It weren't the best, hes new
so i do hope and wish him all the best''

''wasn't too keen, hated shoes and the fabric, sheer layering... Felt quite dated''.

''Couldn't look at the shoes,
Cheap thread- curtain fabric and the
music was too variation,
just cheap fabric, models looked dead''!

The final show we had scheduled was a presentation and the designers name is Craig Lawrence but we weren't able to attend.
However we did go to the Gemma Slack presentation. This was titled: Introducing Rowland VS Slack. Which basically was a combination of Slacks collection and Katie Rowlands jewellery. The film screening started at 5:30pm and it was absolutely packed. It was literally a process of one in one out. They had an astounding turnout.
As we pigeon stepped into the room, I saw it was filled with mannequins and displays of one of a kind and very rare jewellery, pieces and garments.

Slacks collection displays elements of unconventional materials, manipulating resins, metals and chains, contrasting them with the delicate drapery of chiffons.

At times they give the feeling of domination and masculinity with her heavy use of leather, but Slack weaves in femininity and intricate detail.

This bizarre yet stunning contrast between the collection itself has graced Vogue, Italian Vogue and celebs such as Rhianna and Fergie have been spotted wearing it.

This lucky lady from Sweden was very fortunate to be sporting a piece which i would have easily mistakeningly guessed it was from the exhibition. It resembled a few pieces that were in the exhibition and her entire style overall displayed she was a fashion icon and had it totally right with the colours, and the choice of black and silver. It was a ear piece that wrapped around the ear, covering the opening to0 the ear but only due to size. Very fashionable, impressionable and a stunning piece.

We left after this and made our final comments and notes over some well needed food before heading to the Prophetik clothing after party, which was being held at Beach Blanket Babylon, Shoreditch.

We arrived near the start and it wasn't filled with fashion week attendees. So we sat in the VIP area, which was reserved for Jeff Garner and friends and had a good banter, planning the rest of the week over some bubbly and 'porn star' cocktails.

We just enjoyed the night after and was sad we never partied with Jeff. He came fashionably late and we passed each other as we both were going through the door.

by Fabian Jones

Day one at London Fashion week

This year I was very lucky to attend some of the shows with Victoria Claire and we both knew it would only be right to keep you all up to date with the trends, reviews and some exclusive shots from London Fashion week!

So here is a run down of the shows we attended ourselfs... A further blog with photos from our contributors and other sources will follow soon.

The first day (Friday 19th February 2010) we kicked it off at 1pm with our first show being at Prophetik which was located at The Freemasons Hall, Covent garden.

Jeff Garner being the deisgner and the show titled 'Southern Shores' i was expecting a Southern American feel, lots of boots, fitted jeans, blaiser jackets and olden dresses... Garner's eco conscious label, is about to hit UK shores any time soon and so we were even more eager and excited to see it on our London runway.

When the show first started the lights were very dark, which had everyone looking around as if it was a problem, not to add got the photographers shouting and quiet annoyed. I thought it was magnificient. A sheer masterpiece... Followed with a Violin player and then other band members playing down the runway.

Once they had delivered this piece, they left, lights were on full beam and it was action!

This piece comes down, the music slows down and the end pose is struck! It was breath taking. Jeff Garner fans were happy and the VIBRANT team were pleasently pleased.

The models, one by one came down wowing the crowd and keeping the photographers flashing and snapping.

Bloggers and front row viewers were making notes and taking their photos very excitedly.

Hilary Alexander:Fashion Director of The Daily Telegraph
Leaving the Jeff Garner show

''We loved it''. Very Jeff
Garner, I have followed
him for a while, his choice of
boots, and the way he
distressed the fabrics.

''Fantastic! good show''.

The second show we went to was BodyAmr at Freemasons hall also. This show was at 3:00pm.

Yet again, feeling eager to see designer Amr Ali's new collection, especially being a London Chelsea College of Art and Design student.
What is your signature style? “Sleek, sexy, modern classics. Bold, strong, solid colours. Clothes that last forever in every woman's wardrobe.” BodyAmr

Papparazi were out in full force with the tip off thart Kate Moss, Katy Perry were to be amongst the front row

After impatienlty awaiting there arrival it was clear that they werent going to appear, and so we headed inside. I glimpsed a photographer run and begin to snap and i dashed outside to join the papparazi. We managed a closeup shot of Rachel Stevens.

The show was under way and the face of BodyAmr opened up the show. The show was clearly well thought through and put together. The pieces flowed, the shoes complimented the collection and the models carried them of exceedingly well. It was a good choice all around by the designer and his team.

He recently has had his collection stock in Harrods and Harvey Nichols, to name a few. And from just looking at the collection we can see why. Great fabrics, the perfect textures and smooth finish.

Nicola Roberts from Girls aloud leaving the BodyAmr show. She made no time for the press nor us bloggers...

Hilary Alexander at BodyAmr. ''Enjoyed the show, especially the usage of the safety pins, and the material.''


Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Fierce Fierce Fierce! Cheryl Cole performing at the Brits Loving this ensemble!

Loving Lady GA GA letting her guard down!

Loving Lady GAGA even more as she accepts her awards at the Brits! Looking every bit Fabulous as Ever! GO GAGA! Also love that she shows a softer side when accepting her awards! 

Lilly Allen fashion disaster at the Brits!

Everything about this look For Lily Allen at The Brits was soooo wrong and not Lillys Finest hour as she usually looks so put together! Ahhhh sorry but what a fashion faux pas!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Vclaire Mini Style Updates for that Hot High-street Chic Chick:

Colours that POP POP POP:

Im simply adoring The Nicholas Kirkwood Fluorescent Platform Sandals!!!!! Love Love Love! And Not to mention the S/S Jimmy Choo collection and of Course the Louboutin collection! Im liking the simplistic bold blocks of colours used on the Multicolour Suede and Napa leather platform Coussinette Cage sling back shown below:

Here are some examples of some Highstreet Beauties alongside the Designers to get your heart racing with flashes of Neon and hints of Block Colour! 

Vclaire Mini Style Updates for that Hot High-street Chic Chick:

Affordable Trends for that Hot High-street Chic Chick:

Ok so we all drool over the latest must haves on the catwalk but lets face it allot of us leave it at that!  Whilst looking for something to satisfy us at a fraction of the price. Ok well i have saved you the time by the VClaire mini style updates which I will be blogging. So keep watching this space fierce fashionistas .....

Let's start with the Must have: Python Bags for this Spring/Summer, proved to be a must have by the likes of  Bally, Coach, Marc Jacob's & Nancy Gonzalez. Go on take a peek and also at the high-street equivalents from Matalan & River Island.    

Friday, 12 February 2010

More Lady GAGA in McQueen....

Lady Gaga McQueen's final Muse

Here at Vibrant will be paying Tribute to McQueen as he will be sadly missed, but we are going to live for the good memories and Iconic moments!
There will only ever be one Alexander Mc Queen A British Fashion Legend.
Challenging our perceptions and infusing us with his significant dramatic style. A true Genius. It would be  a case of excitement to always expect the unexpected when waiting for the latest collection to grace the runway! Every bit powerful and dramaticconceptual and outstanding from start to finish.
Thus having Lady Gaga as his muse, who else could take on the role of the clothing and play it up to the full potential of each pieces character. 
  by Victoria Claire

Thursday, 11 February 2010



Vibrant magazine is a newly founded magazine that aims to keep the public up to date with the right trends, key creative members in fashion, music, film, arts, especially trhose who are new, creatively different, out of the box, and just generally not as conventional as the artist next door.

We will give you behind the scenes to exclusive photoshoots, screenings, Premieres, Fashion shows and interviews.

Some may think are blogs are interesting, inspiring, not interesting, worthy.... AND a mass amount of other mixed feelings and emotions. But thats fine and expected, just as long as your not a stiff and actually have feelings......

#Attached are photographs from a shoot with Jasmia Robinson for designer Yasue Cater. You can find her collection in Harrods and at

This was shot on the outskirts of Sussex for Yasue's winter 2010 collection.

We aim to deliver articles that are not just vibrant in terms of colour, illustrations and layout, but also to its content. We will include podcasts, reviews, readers chance to create topics, questions and general input, video and photo links to name a few of the entertaining methods of delivery we use.

The photos and video links will be mainly from us as the primary source but we will however use secondary sources and quote when we do... Some youtube links have to be included and some designers may not be reachable at this time but in time, with the movement of Vibrant, everything will be reachable and possible.

Vibrant Magazine will be a bi quarterly print magazine, a weekly video blog, and an on-line magazine.

So alot will be happening, so keep up!

So after a quick intro, I leave you in anticiapation of our first article and review..

Look out for the Video Blog interview with Sophie Anderton, Richard Blackwood, Tony and Guy hair stylist Andy Thomas to name a few.

Vibrant Magazine